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Your health is our priority, and we strive to provide you with the best physiotherapy care to get you back to sport, work and life.

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Quality Care

We are experienced to providing bespoke treatments to suit all our patients and their varying injuries.

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Detailed Assessment

We believe that clear, concise and open communication is an essential component to the therapeutic process. We start with a detailed assessment to ensure we identify the structure causing your pain, and the factors that have contributed to developing the problem in the first place.

Once the diagnosis has been confirmed we are then able to treat the injury with hands on physiotherapy and an appropriate prescribed exercise program.

About Our Practice

Here at Green Bay Physio our patients come first. We use a combination of hands on manual treatment techniques, soft tissue therapy, therapeutic exercise, education and lifestyle advice to enhance your health and maximize potential.

Working in conjunction with multiple healthcare professionals we are able to provide a holistic approach to treatment. We also work together with orthopedic surgeons and specialists, so if referrals are required we can make the booking process as easy as possible with minimal waiting time.

Sports Injuries

A significant proportion of the patients we treat have sports injuries, which vary from problems associated with running, contact sports, to knee pain whilst cycling.

Post Op & Rehabilitation

Rehabilitation will focus on the specific strengthening, stretching and stabilizing exercises required for you to correct the imbalance and prevent injury from reoccurring.

Long Term Injury

We have a special interest in the treatment of work related disorders such as neck pain, back pain, shoulder pain, headaches and osteo-arthritic conditions where stretching and strengthening exercises will be provided.

Bio-mechanical/posture screening

This is an important part of any assessment, fixing the injury and correcting postural deformities or muscle imbalance will help prevent recurrence of injury.

Costs & ACC

You do not require a doctors referral to visit us. We are ACC registered, and costs vary depending on the treatment required. Please feel free to contact us regarding this.

Continuation Of Care

We often work in partnership with Doctors and other health professionals to ensure the best possible treatment and care.

Our goal is to provide a friendly, professional and highly effective and respected physiotherapy service within the community.

Damian Goddard

Head Physiotherapist

Damian Goddard studied Physiotherapy at AUT, Auckland, qualifying in 2005 and has worked in private practice ever since.

Damian started Green Bay Physiotherapy in Feb 2016, providing Physio services to Green Bay High School and also operating out of the new Green Bay Physiotherapy clinic in the Green Bay shops (next to the Pharmacy). Due to his experience and easy going nature the Physio experience is a smooth and stress free process. Damian has developed relationships with other medical professionals over the years and if a referral is required this is normally quick and easy.

Damian specializes in sports injuries, particularly golf and soccer injuries. He has a great understanding of these injuries from many years of playing and coaching.
Damian enjoys the challenge of rehabilitating injuries from the acute stage right through the strengthening/rehabilitation phase and back to play or work.

Physiotherapy Fees

Physiotherapist ACC fees - $25

Physiotherapist Private fees - $55

Important Notes

The experienced Physiotherapists at Green Bay Physio require ongoing training, in post-graduate study and weekend courses to enhance their skills and professional development.

If you have private medical insurance you can claim your physio payments back. Please request a receipt on completion of your treatment.

All prices are GST inclusive.

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